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Herman Miller vs treadmill desk
  drone666, Sep 04 2018

hi liquidpoker,

I currently have a Ergohuman but its shit and my neck hurts, I think its asian size and its too small, its the worst chair that I ever had,
it pulls my lower back AND my neck forward like its made for those MIB coffee worms, ridic

I'm more inclined to buy the Herman Miller Embody but I haven't done any research about treadmill desk, so I'm here asking you to do the research for me :D

treadmill desk looks like another hipster crap like those dorks that sit in a yoga ball,
is that correct or is legit ?

Herman Miller embody costs about 1.6k USD here
I dont know how much a treadmill desk costs

which one should I buy ?

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bought a camera
  drone666, Oct 03 2017

and took this picture

I think it got pretty cool, although im a noob and dont know how to take good pictures yet

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after all this years...
  drone666, Apr 03 2017

*these years*

seems like I still can't manage my anger

player many hours last 2 months that resulted in 3 things:

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

feels like im getting old and play poker isnt that fun anymore, helped with the fact that its been 1 year since pokerstars killed hu, now I have to grind vs player 1 and player 2 at anonymous tables or vs some ukranian multiaccounter that I can't trash talk because I dont know who he is...

feels bad and good at the same time

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