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randomly met the Reem
  drone666, Sep 26 2020

this was around January I think, a few weeks after his fight vs Rozenstruik
was in a music festival in Pattaya Thailand, was at the start but I was already tripping balls on 2 different stuff

I stopped to buy an ice cream cone and wait for some friends to arrive at the entrance
so I look back and saw this familiar face, was trying to recognize who was it, the guy looked me back and said "Hey" like he knew me, I thought wtf it's Alistair Overeem

I was a bit confused since he said Hey first, and he looked like an old man walking with arthritis, like my mom is 63, has multiple herniated disks and doesn't look that old walking, but then I realized I was not tripping, and asked to take a pic
I threw my ice cream on the ground because I didn't want to look like a pussy next to him and he said "OK buddy"

anyway here's the pic, im a 5"10 manlet but almost dwarfed him imo

I was tripping hard and I made a joke, offered some E and asked if USADA tests for E, I dont think he understood and he didn't say anything lol ( but there's a possibility that I only imagined saying, maybe I just mumbled some random words ), was very awkward, he probably thought I was a casual that thinks he's some NBA player or something

random post but felt like sharing lol

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Herman Miller vs treadmill desk
  drone666, Sep 04 2018

hi liquidpoker,

I currently have a Ergohuman but its shit and my neck hurts, I think its asian size and its too small, its the worst chair that I ever had,
it pulls my lower back AND my neck forward like its made for those MIB coffee worms, ridic

I'm more inclined to buy the Herman Miller Embody but I haven't done any research about treadmill desk, so I'm here asking you to do the research for me :D

treadmill desk looks like another hipster crap like those dorks that sit in a yoga ball,
is that correct or is legit ?

Herman Miller embody costs about 1.6k USD here
I dont know how much a treadmill desk costs

which one should I buy ?

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bought a camera
  drone666, Oct 03 2017

and took this picture

I think it got pretty cool, although im a noob and dont know how to take good pictures yet

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